H is for Hawk by Helen MacDonald

a bookclique pick by Jessica Flaxman One of my favorite poems by Emily Dickinson is about grief. It’s not the subject of grief that I particularly like, but the way she compares it to different things that steal from us without our consent. Grief is a mouse that burrows into our hearts; grief is a thief that we catch in the act of taking what … Continue reading H is for Hawk by Helen MacDonald

Untangled by Lisa Damour

a bookclique pick by Jessica Flaxman My grandmother liked things to be neat. When she saw my long hair in knots, she would bribe me to sit still so she could run a comb through it. I really didn’t want to stop playing to get pretty, but the promise of chocolate was sufficient enough incentive for me to sit, relatively happily, through that and other unofficial … Continue reading Untangled by Lisa Damour

Stir by Jessica Fechtor

a bookclique pick by Katie Noah Gibson After suffering a brain aneurysm at age 28, Jessica Fechtor found herself mostly physically healed, yet utterly disoriented. Multiple surgeries had left her brain clear of “problem areas,” but also caused the loss of her sense of smell and the sight in her left eye. And while she was “aggressively grateful” to have survived the medical ordeal, Fechtor … Continue reading Stir by Jessica Fechtor